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Announcement from the web-master: Let me first apologise for the lack of updates for such a long period of time... I just had many different things to keep track which included the need to study lots of «law» in an effort to protect myself and others from rogue agents of the de facto corporate-government. Anyway, I have some exciting news, although it is a work-in-progress, once complete, a product-launch of a «Blue Creek Kennel : Collector's Edition For Dog-Lovers» package will become available, complete with beautiful photos of the various vizslas, weimaraners, German short-haired pointers, etc., done in a year-book-like-format full of wonderful memories with man's best friend that you and your family will be able to love and treasure for years to come, with bonus CDs and/or DVDs for the first 100 customers who make a purchase! Thank you for your loyalty to Blue Creek Kennel!
Blue Creek Kennel is a small South Dakota kennel owned and operated by Bob Pedersen. We are located in Edgemont, South Dakota. We have been raising American Kennel Club (AKC) registered (Blue, Silver/Gray, Gray) Weimaraners for the past twelve years. Four years ago we started raising AKC Golden Rust Vizslas.

Bob has a strong farm/ranch background raising livestock. Bob has been in the General Contractor/Construction/Property Development business for the past twenty-two years. He started breeding Weimaraners with one AKC Blue female, which he bred to his brother’s AKC Silver/Gray male as a hobby. There was demand for the puppies and Bob slowly expanded and started raising more. There was such a demand for a smaller type dog, with similar temperament, Bob decided to raise Vizslas (cousin to the Weimaraner).

To prevent birth defects and keep up the health of the dams, we limit the dams to one litter of puppies per year. Our average litter size is six to eleven puppies. All of our dogs have hunting backgrounds and pedigrees. They are friendly, lovable, obedient, and play well with children. They are truly great family dogs and hunting dogs. All of the dogs are exercised daily. Our quality puppies are born healthy and are micro-chipped with AKC International Micro-Chips and also have an AKC Lifetime Pet Recovery Program available for a small fee. We offer door to door delivery in the lower 48 states of USA. “Delivery second to None”.

Bob will try to answer any questions you may have before you get your puppy delivered. Bob is always available to help with any issues you may have training or advice on your puppy after you receive your puppy. Please feel free to call Bob any time with any questions you may have at (402) 322-1776.

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